[ANN] CRUX 3.4-rc1 available for testing!

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Wed Apr 18 20:51:42 UTC 2018

Matt Housh <jaeger at crux.ninja> wrote:
 |On 4/18/2018 10:08, Xavier wrote:
 |> I had problems with grub.
 |> At the end of installation, grub-install fails reporting missing:
 |> /usr/share/locale
 |> While it's probably unrelated, I did run 'localedef ...'
 |> I went around the problem by installing grub from another media.
 |> Thanks to all the team for keeping Crux alive and kicking...
 |This warning from grub is harmless and does not affect the 
 |installation's success.
 |Thanks for the thanks. :)

Me too, me too: thanks a lot for CRUX, i am looking forward for
3.4 with joyful anticipation!!
(Unfortunately my box is so weak, compiling compilers and the GNU
C library is practically impossible, the sole reason i do not make
more use of CRUX at the moment.  I will also buy a Banana Pi this
year, no CRUX there, too.)

|Der Kragenbaer,                The moon bear,
|der holt sich munter           he cheerfully and one by one
|einen nach dem anderen runter  wa.ks himself off
|(By Robert Gernhardt)

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