[ANN] CRUX 3.4-rc2 available for testing!

Xavier zaz.colmant at free.fr
Tue May 8 11:00:10 UTC 2018

I cloned my Crux 3.3 and did an update to 3.4-rc2.
It worked perfectly for me. The update did skip a locked package
(poppler) -- a feature I wasn't sure about.

I used the upgraded system for 2 days. It also worked perfectly. I ran
all the major applications I use. I did ports -u, prt-get sysup, revdep
and another serie of updates...

I also unlocked poppler and recompiled cups-filters and texlive. I did
have a problem recompiling texlive despite the patch, but it's unrelated
to the upgrade (I solved the problem by putting -fpermissive in CFLAGS.

Thanks again,


On Wed, May 02, 2018 at 04:24:00PM -0500, Matt Housh wrote:
> Greetings,
> The CRUX team is pleased to announce the availability of a second release
> candidate for the upcoming CRUX 3.4.
> Please note that this is a release candidate, NOT the final release.
> Please test it if you have a chance and report any problems you find to us!
> Important details about the upcoming release can be found here:
> https://crux.nu/Wiki/TODO34
> The ISO itself can be found here:
> https://crux.ninja/crux/crux-3.4-rc2.iso
> https://crux.ninja/crux/crux-3.4-rc2.md5
> Enjoy!
> Cheers,
> Matt (for the CRUX team)
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