just returning to a "bug" report i recorded about installing CRUX on macbook with Thanks !

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Sun Nov 18 15:20:37 UTC 2018


i'm an old man and been w CRUX from 2.7 before that i used CoreDistro ( 2.4 based and nothing to do w TinyCoreLinux - and vanished now ) and before that Slackware from kernel 1.2.n. reason is that i only need something to start building from source - actually i just install subset of the core packages.

i haven't bought computers that cost more than 50e like ever, mostly i get them for free from my kids etc. now i got two macbooks which were 'sold' to me as macbook4.1; black macbook4.1 ( 2x2.3ghz, 965nn chipset ) and white macbook2.1 ( 2x2ghz, 945 chipset ) - they were really dirty, memories and disks missing, batteries dead, no chargers, and so-on.

first i cleaned and fixed the black macbook4.1 just because it was not that terrible - and i'm writing with it now. no issues w EFI or just about anything but backlight - huoh.

after i fixed macbook2.1 i tried to make it boot the same disk i use w this macbook4.1 = it booted nicely with CRUX 3.4 USB stick... but then i was unable to set EFI variables w efibootmgr.

i know i did wrong as i set a bug report - i regret and am sorry - but must admit i had some thoughts =

-- it is really difficult to find 'real' discussions of GNU/Linux - i mean that installing this/that with some binary package tool or similar issues there are pages after pages, but that is not what i'm trying to find ( and i hope you can understand how frustrating it may sometimes be - i also am a foster father which means i have only limited time for hacking, and my age makes many things happen somewhat slover )

-- so, i thought i might find opinions/emphaty easier this way - and was perfectly right

'jaeger' gave me valuable tips and verified my suspicion of macbook2.1 having 32bit EFI which is not supported by almost anything. i desided to use a different solution though = macbook2.1 is supported by coreboot - https://coreboot.org / https://libreboot.org and i really like to have once again a device w nothing but open source ( i also have couple IBM/Lenovo laptops w coreboot but there are some issues ).

( i'd attach an image of macbook2.1 booting w coreboot+grub but this is a mailing list )

Many Thanks for valuable support !

m at nota.guru <m at nota.guru>

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