just returning to a "bug" report i recorded about installing CRUX on macbook with Thanks !

Matt Housh jaeger at crux.ninja
Tue Nov 20 06:10:37 UTC 2018

On 11/20/2018 00:08, Matt Housh wrote:
> Hey,
> No worries about the bug report, we're not that strict. :)
> Regarding linux discussions, you're welcome to join us in IRC on 
> freenode in the #crux channel. It's not extremely busy but can be useful.
> I for one would be interested to see how you progress with 
> coreboot/libreboot on the macbook2,1, so feel free to update if anything 
> interesting comes of that.

Oops, I just realized you mentioned you'd post an image of it booting if 
it weren't a mailing list, so I guess that means you have it working 
already. Congrats. :)


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