[ANN] CRUX 3.5 Released!

Matt Housh jaeger at crux.ninja
Tue Jun 11 20:19:03 UTC 2019


The CRUX team is happy to announce the release of CRUX 3.5!

Notable changes include glibc 2.28, gcc 8.3.0 and binutils 2.32.

CRUX 3.5 now also ships with PAM. We've made it as transparent
as possible and it will be a good stepping stone for users wanting
2-factor authentication and other fun stuff.
Breaking changes include the move of dbus configuration from
/usr/etc to /etc, so back up your configs before updating!
Another potential headache may be various projects' move from
autotools to newer build systems. glib may cause some problems here
and dependent ports will need to be rebuilt.

Release notes: http://crux.nu/Main/ReleaseNotes3-5
Handbook: http://crux.nu/Main/Handbook3-5

For download links see: http://crux.nu/Main/Download
The ISO is available via BitTorrent: http://crux.nu/files/crux-3.5.torrent

(Note: The HTTP/FTP mirrors will take some time to update.)


Matt (for the CRUX team)

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