ports/opt (3.5): [notify] libffi: updated to 3.3. Update breaks ABI

tbier at posteo.de tbier at posteo.de
Wed Nov 27 13:01:06 UTC 2019

On 26.11.2019 19:45, crux at crux.nu wrote:
>commit 4b00d629e30cf26e1a93bcb97b7b58d9e070faf6
>Author: Fredrik Rinnestam <fredrik at crux.nu>
>Date:   Mon Nov 25 23:18:08 2019 +0100
>    [notify] libffi: updated to 3.3. Update breaks ABI
>    This update breaks ABI compatability. Rebuild of affected ports are required. Notably:
>    glib, llvm, python3 and others

Thanks for the heads up Fredrik!

This also broke cmake which didn't show up with revdep for me.

I am posting this one command that rebuilds all ports linking against a
specific lib, in this case, libffi.so.6

   prt-cache update -fr -if -im -is \
     `for f in $(grep -lr "libffi.so.6" /usr/lib/ 2> /dev/null | sed 's|.*/||'); \
     do prt-get fsearch $f | grep '^Found in' | sed -e 's|.*/||' -e 's|:$||'; \
     done | sort -u | xargs prt-cache isinst | grep -e 'is installed' | awk '{ print $2 }'`;

This finally solved all rebuild problems for me.

Best regards,
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