[ANN] CRUX 3.6 Released!

Matt Housh jaeger at crux.ninja
Wed Dec 9 20:15:43 UTC 2020


Unfortunately an issue has been discovered with the 3.6 release, 
specifically during an upgrade. Fortunately it's easy to fix. In the 
near future a 3.6.1 minor release will replace it, but if you have 
already upgraded from 3.5 to 3.6 using the 3.6 release ISO, the fix is 


1. Uninstall 'openrdate' and install 'rdate'.
2. Uninstall 'mesa3d' and install 'mesa'.


1. Manually edit /var/lib/pkg/db and rename 'openrdate' to 'rdate'.
2. Manually edit /var/lib/pkg/db and rename 'mesa3d' to 'mesa'.

If you do not use mesa3d and it was not installed, ignore the 
mesa-related parts of this.

Apologies for the confusion if you've already upgraded and run into this!


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