contrib/postgresql port triggers revdep

Markus Heinz markus.heinz at
Sat Aug 14 21:49:04 UTC 2021


On Sat, 14 Aug 2021 22:57:33 +0200
Steffen Nurpmeso <steffen at> wrote:

> But normal that is not, ne?  Placing such libraries in a generic
> public library search path, that is.  Where would that end?
> Normally one uses a script like krb5-config, pkgconfig or how
> those are called, or whatever, when you have such.  No?
> I just wonder why postgres does not do that automatically, when it
> links against perl.

I think there is a difference between compile time linking and run time

During compile time of the postgresql build the "" file had
been found, otherwise the build would have failed as it is built with
perl support explicitly enabled in the Pkgfile. 

But during run time of the "revdep" utility the "" file cannot
be found as it is located in a non standard location which is not
configured to be searched for shared libraries by default.

Actually I do not know if the perl related functionality in postgresql
is affected by this or not as I do not use the perl related
functionality. I assume it is a kind of plugin language for writing
stored procedures or something similar.

Best regards

Markus Heinz

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