[Clc-crux64] curx64: AWAKE!

lsantil at dslextreme.com lsantil at dslextreme.com
Wed Jul 21 21:23:49 UTC 2004

Sorry for the delay.  I thought I would do some clean up before I release
something and then I went ATV riding on Sunday.  But, I bring good news! 
I was able to (magically) compile sysklogd and I cleaned up some build
errors I was receiving with lilo (it's too smart for its own good; it
tries to use /usr/bin/manpath to figure out where to install its manpages
when the fall back /usr/man is good enough and doesn't break on my FC2
box).  Funny, I don't remember making any changes to sysklogd so that is
why I call it magical.  So right now I'm running a 'make bootstrap' and
I'll see where that takes me before I release.

The tar ball I'll produce will be quite big but I don't feel comfortable
putting it up on my personal web server (which is also my personal file
server).  Does anyone have a place I might be able to put it?  The belios
project space maybe?


> While I at conference a couple weeks ago I was able to compile lilo
> 64-bit.  The solution however, was a bit unique (may not work for a final
> crux64 build; may be FC2 AMD64 specific) and not at all clean (a few
> things need to be cleaned up).  So the last thing required to make a
> bootable crux64 CD (at least for me) is to get syslog compiling.  I admit
> I have been slacking and have been caught up with other things in my life
> (like conference, catching up at work, buying a Honda Sportrax 250EX ATV
> and a trailer).  Hopefully soon, I be able to do some more work on crux64.
>  I'll place a tarball of what I have up on my web site a bit later today.
> Louis

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