[Clc-crux64] Re: Crux64

Doan Vu chronic_tautologist at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 12 10:53:51 UTC 2004

>Not sure about this, this is my first effort at porting to another arch.
>My idea was to build the base ports on a distro, pkgadd them in a
>chroot, and in that chroot run the make bootstrap. Otherwise you'd have
>everything compiled against libraries from the host distribution...

Yeah, I tried to 'make bootstrap' and it didn't work. For a 'make all' to 
work, you need pkgutils (and possibly other stuff), which means I'll have to 
learn how write ebuilds, and these things really suck. Makes me appreciate 
the beauty of Crux ports :)

>Yep, forgot about them :(

Hehe.. silly me I just realised that no one would've noticed because no 
one's progressed beyond base packages.

>Here's the list of ports from base which don't compile with me:
>	db
>	lilo
>	sysklogd
>	tcsh
>	traceroute
>I don't have time to look at them this weekend un fortunately. For lilo,
>Marcus sent in a mail containing a patch, but it's a big patch,
>untested, and looks dirty IMHO, although i'm not that experienced in C.

AFAIK, lilo and grub can't compile under 64-bit. From some Gentoo guru:
"lilo will NOT work, only if you also have a 32bit installation to install 
it from. as lilo is 32bit assembly, it will NOT run on a 64bit OS, the same 
with grub, its 32bit assembly, therefore they have a grub-static package, 
which is a binary package of grub (and built on a p4 system)"

I suppose that's why the patch is "big, untested, and dirty"?

>lsantil says db compiles without the C++ API, but i don't think that's
>acceptable unfortunately...

Over and out,

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