[Clc-crux64] New x86_64 iso available!

Jeremy Jones jeremy at samnjack.com
Fri Apr 8 21:51:40 UTC 2005

Hi all!

finished up with my latest x86_64 crux iso!  i think it's pretty clean
this time.  should work just like the vanilla crux installation --
nothing special to do other than follow the normal crux install
directions.  you can find the iso, as well as my base64.httpup,
opt64.httpup, and a readme at:


(please be gentle with my bandwith!)

Here's the readme:


The iso image and ports available here are built for
the x86_64 architecture only.  The iso will not boot
on any other architecture, and the ports will not run
on any other architecture.  They were built on an
amd64 3000 development box, using generic x86_64
optimizations; that being said, I _think_ it should
boot and install on ia64 architecture, but I have no
way of testing.

This release aims to remain as close to "vanilla" crux
as possible.  In some cases there are differences:

1.  cvsup does not build on x86_64 systems, and is
    not included here.  for port updates, we need to
    use httpup
2.  the /lib and /usr/lib directories are symkinks to
    /lib64 and /usr/lib64 respectively.  REMEMBER THIS!
    this has the consequence of breaking "pkginfo -o"
    when querying files in /lib64 or /usr/lib64, in cases
    where a port installs files to /lib or /usr/lib.
3.  some default crux software packages require minor
    changes (to the Pkgfile, .footprint, .md5sum, or
    .nostrip files) for the x86_64 architecture.  to
    accomodate these changes while preserving most of
    the default crux ports tree, I've decided to use
    an extension to the default files of .x86_64 where
    necessary.  The pkgutils port includes two wrapper
    scripts to the pkgmk utility: pkgmk64 and
    pkgmk64-recursive.  The pkgmk64 script checks for
    the existence of <some_file>.x86_64, and if it
    exists, copies the vanilla crux version to
    <some_file>.orig, copies <some_file>.x86_64 to
    <some_file>, runs pkgmk with options passed to
    the script, then moves the files back into place.
    The pkgmk64-recursive calls pkgmk64 recursively
    in a top-level ports directory.  pkgmk64 can't be
    called with the "-r" option; use pkgmk64-recursive
    without "-r" for that purpose.
    This script could more than likely be adapted to
    a patch for pkgutils directly, which I think would
    be better than it's current manifestation.  In
    fact, it could be adapted to any alternative
    architecture crux project, which I think would be
    the right thing to do.
4.  at http://www.samnjack.com/crux-amd64/ are base64.httpup
    and opt64.httpup, which point to my x86_64 ports repository.
    The ports will be downloaded to the standard
    /usr/ports/{base,opt} locations.
    I will try to keep these as close to
    synced as possible with vanilla crux, but they will
    more likely than not be out of sync at some time or
    other.  If you would like to keep up to date yourself,
    I recommend getting the default base.httpup and
    opt.httpup files, changing them to download per's
    ports to an alternate directory (i.e.
    /usr/ports/{base-i686,opt-i686}, and manually
    inspect and test any updates you don't get from
    BE WARNED: updating your ports with the default
    base.httpup and opt.httpup and running something
    like "prt-get sysup" may kill your system!  Make
    sure you keep your port trees squared away!

Other than that, everything ought to work just fine.
If you find something terribly wrong, please inform me
(you'll find my e-mail address below) or anyone else
who decides to take this project on.  It may be worth
the effort, assuming there's more than three or four
people using this, to maintain repositories of contrib
and unmaintained ports that require changes for x86_64,
similar to what I've done with base and opt.  Time will

Once again, I think building into pkgutils and the ports
system a true multi-arch capability would be wonderful.
Maintainers of the ppc and sparc64 branches would probably

Thanks, and good luck!

jeremy at samnjack dot com

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