[Clc-crux64] New x86_64 iso available!

Jeremy Jones jeremy at samnjack.com
Sat Apr 9 22:53:41 UTC 2005

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Hi Lars,

On Saturday, April 09, 2005 12:49 PM, Lars Helmer wrote:
> just did a _successful_ install with your new iso! :)


> it took some work because the cd i burned was defect (as usual), and, 
> because the handbook.txt file on the cd was just an empty file. maybe 
> something to fix for
> -rc2 ?

On the system where I created the iso, there was no libxslt or docbook stuff
installed, so I didn't make the handbook -- sorry 'bout that!

> on another note, the bin86 and emacs ports in your repo are older than 
> the ones that comes with the iso...

Actually, the bin86 is 0.16.17 on mine, and 0.16.0 on vanilla crux -- 0.16.0
wouldn't build properly.  Same with emacs -- I had to use 22.0.something, as
opposed to 21.something.something...

> besides that... great work!

Thanks!  Glad to hear it's good for someone other than me.

A couple points:

The known bugs from 2.1rc1 vanilla crux are also problems for this version.
For one thing, sshd is broke -- there's a fix, involves creating an empty
directory somewhere, but I can't recall what that directory is a the moment.

Also, you'll find that building some pieces of software bomb out in
./configure stage -- take a look at the dhcpcd Pkgfile for the fix: copy
newer config.guess and config.sub over the top of the old ones in the source

Another thing:

Because the pkgmk64 script copies and moves Pkgfiles, etc. around during the
make process, pkgmk will always think that the pkg.tar.gz files are outdated
and will rebuild them even if they don't need to be if you let it.  Has to
do with timestamps.  I'll get that straightened out with the next release.


Anyone who cares to try to build multilib capabilities into this, please do!
I'll get around to figuring it out at some point, but for now, you can only
build 64-bit software.  That doesn't mean you can't run 64-bit binaries,
though, as long as you have ia32 bit emulation in your kernel.



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