[Clc-crux64] ANNOUNCE: crux-x86_64-2.1rc1.5 (not quite 2.1...)

Jeremy Jones jeremy at samnjack.com
Tue Apr 19 15:07:12 UTC 2005


A new x86_64 iso is available at http://www.samnjack.com/crux-amd64/
built from Per's cvs of i686 crux on 4/18/05.


1.  No more pkgmk64.  Seems to be more trouble than it's worth, really.
Thus, no more Pkgfile.x86_64, .footprint.x86_64, etc.

2.  glibc-2.3.4 => glibc-2.3.5; linux- => linux-

3.  glibc32-2.3.5: this is a set of precompiled libraries built on
crux-cvs-4/18/05 for i686.  The libraries are in /lib32 and /usr/lib32.
Basically, this appears to be what gentoo does with it's emul-linux-x86
stuff.  Eventually, I'd like to be able to build these libraries
natively, but I still don't have multilib support in gcc.  I plan to do
the same thing with x11 and gtk libraries, as these are necessary for me
to run vmware.

4.  The ports port includes six .httpup files:
	base.httpup - vanilla crux repository (grabs 2.0 ports for now)
	opt.httpup - vanilla crux repository (grabs 2.0 ports for now)
	base-x86_64.httpup - gets the x86_64 base repository
	opt-x86_64.httpup - gets the x86_64 opt repository
	contrib.httpup - clc contrib ports
	unmaintained.httpup - clc unmaintained ports
The base-x86_64 and opt-x86_64 repositories will go
to /usr/ports/{base-x86_64,opt-x86_64}, and the 2.0 ports will be in the
standard /usr/ports/{base,opt}.

5.  The prt-get package in the contrib directory of the iso has a teensy
patch to the prt-get.conf file: uses /usr/ports/base-x86_64
and /usr/ports/opt-x86_64 instead of the standard locations.

6.  Removed "-fPIC" from CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS; there are some ports that
need it, but rather than doing it across the board, a better solution is
to add to any Pkgfile for software that complains a line near the top of
the build process:
	export CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -fPIC" 
Similar for CXXFLAGS if necessary.

7.  Removed LDFLAGS from pkgmk.conf -- same reason as #6.  Again, if you
find you need them to compile a package, just add:
	export LDFLAGS="-L/some/path/or/other $LDFLAGS"
to the Pkgfile.

8.  Patched openssh to add "UseDNS = no" to /etc/ssh/sshd_config to get
around the current glibc/openssh issues.


1.  After I burned the iso and booted the disk, I had funny characters
printing at the kernel selection boot prompt.  I had to hit my backspace
key & enter before more would print to boot.  I have no friggin clue
what this is about -- maybe it won't happen to you. Anyone have ideas?
After booting the kernel, the characters stopped printing.

2.  When compiling some software, you'll see lots of "skipping
incompatible /lib32/some_lib.so" messages.  As far as I know, these
messages are harmless.  If it's worrysome to you, please don't install
the glibc32 package.  Though it's in base, it's not technically
necessary at this point, as gcc only uses the 64-bit libs & no software
in the system is compiled against the 32-bit libs. 


At http://www.samnjack.com/crux-amd64/crux-x86_64-sources.tar.gz you'll
find the complete build tree for this iso.  If you'd like to experiment
yourself, grab it.  This is a modified version of what you get on i686
crux when you grab Per's cvs build tree with cvsup.


If you use this, please subscribe to the clc-crux64 mailing list at:
It's low volume and I'm not sure how many people are lurking around
there, but crux-x86_64 specific questions should be directed there
rather than cluttering up the main crux list (like I'm doing now).  If
you're shy and don't like public speaking, you can e-mail me privately
with comments, questions, threats, etc: jeremy at samnjack dot com


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