[Clc-crux64] gcc 32/64bit

Jeremy Jones jeremy at samnjack.com
Fri Jul 22 00:19:32 UTC 2005

Hi danm,

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> Hey,
> I've played with CRUX64 this week and found out that the 
> current gcc isn't able to produce 32bit binaries 
> (--disable-multilib). Since we are using /lib32 instead of 
> /lib for (32bit) libraries gcc needs to be patched. I've 
> attached two ports that I am using at the moment. I had to 
> use a SuSE (64bit) to build it, because of the missing 
> libgcc_s_32.so in CRUX64's gcc.

Yes, I couldn't get gcc to compile w/out disable-multilib.  I'll take a look
at the port later tonight.  One of the things I've not had time to work on
is getting native 32-bit compatibility working, so if you've got it here,
that's great!  Looks like yesterday there was a whole bunch of base & opt
updates -- I'll be checking out what that means for crux64, too.

Previously I had simply repackaged the vanilla crux-2.1 glibc as glibc32 for
crux64.  Looks like you have a port here for a native build of glibc32 --
very nice!  

> Johannes sent me an interesting link yesterday:
> http://gcc.fyxm.net/summit/2003/Porting%20to%2064%20bit.pdf
> Currently I'm working on a CRUX64 which is able to build 
> 32bit applications natively. If someone is interested - I'll 
> release my results at http://crux.danm.de (page is still empty :-).
> I'd like to thank Jeremy for his work on CRUX64!

You're welcome!  

And I did see your recent e-mail about libpng -- not ignoring you, just
busy.  Had a Solaris disk array crash, taking an Oracle database along with
it, so I've been busy (and tired), but I'll have time tonight.

Thanks for your work, danm!  


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