[Clc-crux64] Thanks, danm! Updates available, but read this

Mattias Hedenskog mattias at hedenskog.se
Mon Jul 25 04:29:31 UTC 2005

> > Now a logistical question:
> >
> > With native 32-bit abilities in gcc, I'll probably start
> > building
> > native 32-bit compatibility libs w/out using i686 crux's
> > binary
> > packages re-packed.  Should these get stuck into
> > opt-x86_64 or should
> > we have a separate compat-32 ports repository?
> In my opinion only glibc32 and possibly zlib32 should
> reside in
> 'base' (because gcc depends on it) - all other 32bit
> libraries/applications should move to ->
> /usr/ports/compat32.

Hi guys!

I love to see how some brave souls has taken the bull by its horns and 
continued the porting mission. I haven't had the chance to
try out Jeremy Jones release yet but I agree that glibc32
and zlib32 should reside in the base tree and the compat
stuff should reside in /usr/ports/compat32.
One more thing, Im note sure if either of you guys have write access to the
clc wiki or not but you might want to point the AMD64 link
to a more recent site/place in opposite to my semi confused page. 
Keep up the work.

Mattias Hedenskog

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