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Lucas Hazel lucas-antispam.2 at digitillogic.net
Sun Jun 5 00:46:12 UTC 2005

First of all, hello to the list.

I just got me a shiny new amd64 3000+ so I put crux64 on it naturally.
Overall it's a good effort, I just have some problems with the
structure in reguards to how 32bit compatability is handled.

The use of lib32/lib64 and port_name32 isn't really a good idea IMHO,
what I have now is a 32bit chroot which I use whenever I find a peice
of software that isn't amd64 ready, this technique keeps the system
cleaner I feel and already a common practice on a number of systems,
such as how linux compatability is handled on *BSD systems.

I have started using this technique on my system and suggest that
future versions of crux64 do the same.

Here is how I migrated to a 32bit chroot

# Install all the packages
mkdir -p /usr/compat/crux32/var/lib/pkg/
touch /usr/compat/crux32/var/lib/pkg/db
mount /cdrom
cd /cdrom/crux
(cd base; for pkg in *; do pkgadd -r /usr/compat/crux32 $p)
(cd opt; for pkg in *; do pkgadd -r /usr/compat/crux32 $p)
(cd contrib; for pkg in *; do pkgadd -r /usr/compat/crux32 $p)

# Set up some mountpoints, in /etc/fstab. Mainly to reduce data replication
/usr/ports /usr/compat/crux32/usr/ports none auto,bind 0 0
/usr/pkgmk/source /usr/compat/crux32/usr/pkgmk/source auto,bind 0 0
/home /usr/compat/crux32/home none auto,bind 0 0
/usr/src /usr/compat/crux32/usr/src none auto,bind 0 0

You might also want to add devfs,proc and sysfs mount points too

Copy anything else that the 32bit chroot might need such as the
contents of /etc/ports and /etc/{passwd,shadow,group} , and make any
required changes to the config files.

Reboot or mount all the new mount points and test:

$ chroot /usr/compat/crux32 firefox

But of course we all knew how to do that didn't we ;P

I'll probably make a port for this at some stage so then if one wants, as it's all about choice isn't it, 32bit compatability you can just do;

$ prt-get depinst crux32

or something along those lines

Lucas Hazel <lucas-antispam.2 at digitillogic.net>
Student, BSDfreak

School of Maths and Computer Science
University of New England
Armidale, Australia



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