[Clc-crux64] RE: Fwd: i686 vs x86_64 on AMD64

Jeremy Jones jeremy at samnjack.com
Mon Jun 20 14:35:50 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-06-18 at 11:47 -0700, Ron Young wrote:
> At runtime how does the app know to use the 32 bit version of the library if
> the library has the same name.

Dunno.  They do, though, at least as far as my experience goes.  Seems
the 32-bit app will silently ignore 64-bit libraries and continue
searching through the ld library path 'til it finds what it needs.  If
you've installed libraries into a directory in your home, and you have
the path to the libraries in your ld.so.conf, your 32-bit app should
find them.  

> How and where do you install the libraries into the real system.

Install the libraries to your chroot environment.  I have a directory in
my home called crux-i686.  I chroot there and build and install packages


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