[SPAM?? (MM)]::[Clc-crux64] crux64 runs great so far

Ron Young ronyoung at adelphia.net
Wed May 25 17:33:54 UTC 2005

The package gkrellm still sticks in -L/usr/X11R6/lib . I tried setting
LDFLAGS it didn't change. Maybe I'm setting it wrong. When is pkgmk.conf
read. Is it every time a package is build?

It seems that a link or alias needs to be made between gtk and gtk32. The
command "prt-get depends" says that gtk is missing. This doesn't effect the
build, just produces a "missing" message.

The packages I've installed so far have lots of dependences. Does that mean
they are built as 64-bit. How does this work. Xfce4 its self has many
dependences ( cups ghostscrip etc). All are working perfectly.

Ron Young

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