[Clc-crux64] CRUX64 - gcc-4.0.2

Daniel Mueller daniel at danm.de
Tue Nov 8 23:21:06 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 08 November 2005 23:55, Joe Gilmour wrote:

> Hi Danm,
> You mentioned that you've just finished a 64-gcc4 iso.  Is it available
> for download?  If so could you let me know the address?

Yes it is: 

(See http://crux.danm.de for more information)


> The machine is working fine and is mission critical so I don't want to
> experiment too much.

Then DO NOT use it! CVS-head is a development version.

> I'm using the 64 bit version from the crux web site but now some of the
> ports aren't being updated and others no longer compile.  

You're using Jeremy's version right? Hmmm.. maybe my repositories could help 
you to keep some ports up-to-date.


You'll probably get error messages like this:

$ pkgadd -u imlib#1.9.15-1.pkg.tar.gz 
pkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)

This happens, because /usr/lib is a symlink to --> /usr/lib64. Jeremy 
installed all libraries into /usr/lib. I decided to avoid /usr/lib and 
installed the files to */lib{64,32} instead of */lib.

bye, danm

Daniel Mueller
Berlin, Germany         OpenPGP: 1024D/E4F4383A

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