[Clc-crux64] crux-2.1-64bit-danm.iso + aacraid

Daniel Mueller daniel at danm.de
Tue Nov 22 18:58:48 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 22 November 2005 04:42, David M. Strang wrote:
> Daniel --
> It seems you dropped aacraid out of your build... and I don't happen to
> have a floppy drive in my server. Any suggestions to an easy resolution?

You could download my CDBUILD environment (shamelessly stolen from Per and 
Matt) and build your own CRUX64-CD:


Or you wait until I'll release an updated version ;-)

> Could I perhaps get your kernel config, so I can recompile with it aacraid,
> and attempt to update the boot cd with ISOLINUX? (never used it before)

The kernel config can be found in ./cdbuild/kernel/linux-

Actually I don't know much about bootable CDs - I'm happy that Per released 
his build environment and Matt helped me to get udev running with it.

bye, danm

Daniel Mueller
Berlin, Germany         OpenPGP: 1024D/E4F4383A

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