[Clc-crux64] crux-2.1-64bit-danm.iso + aacraid

David M. Strang dstrang at shellpower.net
Thu Nov 24 21:07:04 UTC 2005

On Thursday 24 November 2005 16:00:23, Daniel Mueller wrote:
> > http://crux.danm.de/files/iso/2.1-64bit/crux-2.1-64bit-danm.iso
> > I'm using "<*> Adaptec AACRAID support" here.
> >
> > AACRAID support is built in..

> My last mail wasn't clear. The current stable ISO has already built in 
> aacraid
> support.

Yeah... I noticed that, after the fact. Sorry!


That is the raid controller I'm having issue with. It seems to have binary 
only driver support. After much googling, it appears the Marvel SATA drivers 
MAY work... I'm currently building a CRUX64 CD against with the 
Marvel SATA drivers compiled in.

Thanks for the CDBuild link!

-- David 

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