[Clc-crux64] crux64-2.2-test1 (danm)

Daniel Mueller daniel at danm.de
Wed Mar 29 21:54:59 UTC 2006


some of you might have noticed that I've uploaded a 2.2-test1 iso image[1].

This and the future releases of (my) CRUX64 Linux differ from the main CRUX 
distribution in some points.

| glibc(/glibc32) |
AMD64 optimizations
Support for linuxthreads AND Native POSIX Threads (ntpl) The NTPL libs are 
separated in lib64/tls and lib32/tls. Programs will use NTPL by default. 

| introduction of PAM |
Because it's hard and (very) time-consuming to configure PAM I decided to   
deliver CRUX64 with pre-configured PAM. I liked SuSE's system best so I 
packaged most of their pam-modules.

  o linux-pam     (latest kernel.org PAM-release)
  o pam_unix2     (instead of pam_unix)
  o pam_pwcheck   (password strength checking)
  o pam_homecheck (checks various files/permissions in ~/)

| replacing shadow with pwdutils |
As I said, I really like SuSE's system. The useradd(8) program is able to   
create users in an LDAP directory. passwd(1) (in conjunction with pam_unix2)  
is able to change passwords in local files, NIS and LDAP. The password hash  
algorithm can be chosen in /etc/default/passwd (instead of login.defs 
or /etc/pam.d/*). 

| /bin/login |
pwdutils does not contain a login program. It's a separated package called:
  o pam_login

| openldap & cyrus-sasl |
Since pwdutils depends on libldap-2.3.so (openldap) openldap & cyrus-sasl are 
now core ports. 

o I haven't tested all new functions yet; especially the LDAP stuff :-(
o I call (my) version of CRUX64 "highly" experimental.

The install CD uses Johannes Winkelmann's 'setup-helper' script to inject the 
missing packages during an upgrade. However, I've only tested an update from 
crux 2.1.1 to crux 2.2 which went fine so far.

	o shadow (conflicts with pwdutils and coreutils)
	o cyrus-sasl 
	o openldap 
	o linux-pam 
	o pam_unix2 
	o pam_pwcheck 
	o pam_homecheck 
	o pam_login 
	o pwdutils 
	o "pkgconfig:pkg-config"

If you decide to install my version please keep in mind that I'm doing this 
completely in my free time. I give no warranty[2]. At the moment it seems 
that I'm the only one working on CRUX64 - don't expect me to update all ports 

bye, danm

[1] http://crux.danm.de/files/iso/2.2-64bit/
[2] http://crux.nu/Main/Handbook2-2#ntoc8
Daniel Mueller
Berlin, Germany         OpenPGP: 1024D/E4F4383A

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